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Special note about MacOS versions

Mira, including Manta Mini Bundle, is suitable for MacOS versions up to 10.14

For versions of MacOS starting with Catalina (MacOS 10.15) (including MacOS 11 to 14), please purchase a Manta Mini Receiver only and use with Remote Buddy 2 from IOSpirit.

Mantaâ„¢ Mini IR Receiver for HTPC, Media Centers and Media Players

Manta Mini is fully supported on Boxee Box, Windows and Linux systems for use with your universal remote and favorite software.

If you have a Mac, buy our Manta Mini Bundle for the Apple Remote which includes the receiver and Mira software to control all your apps.

You can now easily integrate your Boxee Box or Kodi/XBMC, Plex or SageTV systems, including the Raspberry Pi, with the rest of your entertainment system using your favorite remote, whether it be a Logitech Harmony, Philips Pronto, URC Complete Control or any other remote that supports a "WMC / MCE" (Windows Media Center) device.

No drivers need to be installed as Manta Mini is natively supported by Boxee Box, Windows and Linux. Direct support for your remote will be available in most popular media playing software. With customization software you can also extend remote support to any (and every) application on your computer.

Download the Quick Start Guide (PDF) for Boxee remote setup instructions.

Hardware for HTPC & Media Players

Manta Mini For HTPC

Boxee, Kodi, SageTV, WMC...

Buy Now $24.99


Manta Mini IR Receiver


In the box

  • Manta Mini unit
  • USB extension: 50cm (~1.5 feet)


  • Input: Consumer Infrared (cIR) signals
  • Distance: up to 10m (33 feet)

IR Frequency

  • Receiving: 31 - 60 kHz

Electrical Requirements

  • 4.5 - 5.25v (from USB)
    • 500ma (normal)
    • 100ma (sleep)


  • Lifetime online support
  • 1 Year limited warranty


  • Length: 40mm (1.6 inches)
  • Width: 15mm (0.6 inches)
  • Height: 12mm (0.5 inches)

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows/Linux-based PC
    or D-Link Boxee Box
  • Available USB port
  • Universal Remote or
    Media Center Remote

Supported Remotes

  • Windows Media Center Remotes (All RC-6 protocol)
  • Logitech Harmony (All)
  • URC Remotes (Most models)
  • Philips Pronto
  • Philips Prestigo
  • RTI
  • One4All (including JP1)
  • UEI Nevo
  • Other (5 year or newer) Universal Remotes

Supported HTPC/Media Software

  • Windows Media Center
  • XBMC / Kodi
  • Plex
  • SageTV
  • JRiver Media Center
  • MediaPortal
  • Boxee
  • MythTV
  • Windows Media Player
  • and more...

Supported Customization Software

  • Event Ghost
  • Girdir
  • HiP
  • IRServer Suite
  • LM Remote Keymap
  • Lirc

* Boxee Box cannot be turned ON with external devices.
  PC Systems support wake from S1 and S3 sleep/suspend.



Click the Products link to see our software for MacOS and the Apple Remote.


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Software Registration / Licensing

When payment has been automatically confirmed, a personalized registration file will be sent to your email address (it takes only a few minutes). When you receive the message, simply open/launch the “.miralicense” attachment — Mira will pop up a message accepting the license and will be registered with all features fully unlocked.

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You need to have Mira installed before opening the license file for it to be automatically registered.

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