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Remote Control Your Apps

Free yourself from the keyboard to streamline your activities. Take control of your music from across the room, flip through a presentation in front of an audience, or sit back and relax with a movie. Uses for the Apple Remote are limited only by your imagination with Mira.

Mira Versions for MacOS / OSX

The current version:

Mira Logo/Icon Vertical

Mira 1.5.2

  • Latest Version
  • Intel Only, MacOS 10.7 to 10.13
  • MacOS 10.10 or newer recommended

Download Mira 1.5.2


Older versions for previous Mac OSX releases:

Mira Logo/Icon Vertical

Mira 1.4.12

  • Previous Version
  • Intel Only, MacOS 10.6+

Download Mira 1.4.12

Mira Logo/Icon Vertical

Mira 1.4.8

  • Older Version
  • PPC/Intel, Mac OSX 10.5
  • Recommended only for PPC Macs

Download Mira 1.4.8

Mira Logo/Icon Vertical

Mira 1.3.5

  • Oldest Version
  • PPC/Intel, Mac OSX 10.4.11
  • Recommended only for PPC Macs

Download Mira 1.3.5


Please do not install the older 1.4.8 or 1.3.5 versions of Mira on an OS newer than MacOS / OSX 10.5 or unexpected or undesired performance may result.

Mira may be evaluated for up to 20 days before purchasing.

Right-click the Mira icon in System Preferences and "remove" to uninstall if it won't be purchased.

Version History



Vacation Schedule

Hardware orders from Aug 8 through 31 will ship at the end of the month.
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New Mira Release 1.5.2

New & revised DuoPress actions, new Apple Developer signatures, installer revisions.
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Now Shipping

New Mira version, new mini IR receiver, USB-C adapter.
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  • Mac computer
  • Available USB port
  • Apple Remote
  • IR Receiver*

*Supported Receivers

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