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Version 1.4.11 - released December 9 2014

  • New Global DuoPress actions
  • Support for Vox from Coppertino
  • Support for Fidelia from Audiofile Engineering
  • Support for Amazing Slow Downer from Roni Music
  • Revised the default apps listed Mira Launch Menu (affects only new installs)
  • Tweaked special Plex keymap
  • Addressed System Preferences crash when adding certain applications to the Mira Launch Menu

Version 1.4.10 - released October 14 2014

  • DuoPress actions to control video/YouTube for all browsers
  • Silent volume control DuoPress actions with no visual feedback (Global)
  • Additional DuoPress actions for MPlayer (all versions)
  • Additional DuoPress actions for all applications
  • Support for Capture One Pro 8 from Phase One
  • Updated code signing for Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks and 10.10 Yosemite
  • Default actions to control video/YouTube playback for browsers
  • Speed improvements for installation

Version 1.4.9 final - released March 12 2014

  • Support for Spotify music player
  • Support for Rdio music player
  • Support for iBooks e-book reader
  • Support for Plex Home Theater media player/server
  • Support for Mac Blu-ray Player video player
  • Support for Prezi presentation web/software
  • Support for Movavi Media Player
  • Support for iTunes control from login window
  • Auto-start at login for all users with limited crash recovery
  • iTunes control now default for Global profile (any app without its own actions)
  • Updated default & DuoPress actions for VLC
  • Installer shuts down Mira before installing
  • Updated actions for Quicktime Player X
  • Plex profile updated with additional commands
  • Better authentication prompts with automatic time-out
  • Automatically hide app profiles for apps you don't have
  • Installer checks for possible software conflicts
  • 10.9 Mavericks Authentication failures
  • 10.9 Mavericks System Volume actions get "stuck"
  • Plex keymap for Mira may not always get installed
  • PlexHelper interfering with Mira - now disabled during installation
  • Workaround for iTunes 11 shuffle bug
  • Possible MiraRCD crash installing licenses or importing profiles
  • Remove old Mira login item for current user account

Version 1.4.9 Beta 1 to 9 - September 2013/February 2014

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks
  • All changes rolled into 1.4.9 final

Version 1.4.8r2 - Updated March 13 2014

  • Includes updated profiles from Mira 1.4.9
  • Includes updated DuoPress actions from Mira 1.4.9
  • Auto-start at login for all users with limited crash recovery

Version 1.4.8 - released October 18 2012

  • Support for Decibel audio player
  • Support for Audirvana audio player
  • Support for Google Chrome web browser
  • Support for Netflix Full Screen control in Google Chrome
  • Profile for Keynote with new DuoPress commands
  • Installation built with the new Packages tool
  • Plex/Nine (older Plex) profile updated to use new commands
  • Login Items auto-start in Mountain Lion
  • Signed Certificate for OS X 10.8 Gatekeeper
  • Revised Installer to address potential permissions issues
  • Intel and PowerPC Universal binary to support all Macs (OS X 10.5+)

Version 1.4.7 - Betas March-October 2012

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion
  • All changes rolled into 1.4.8

Version 1.4.6 - released December 23 2011

  • Support for new Plex 0.9.5.x media player
  • Support for Netflix FullScreen control in Safari and Firefox
  • Russian flag icon UI localization (thank you Vladislav)
  • Safari & Firefox DuoPress commands for Netflix
  • Special Plex keymap file for Mira
  • Support for MPlayerX
  • Older Plex versions supported with new Plex/Nine profile
  • Tweaks to wake from sleep for Manta TR1
  • Better response when launching Front Row
  • In-place Update for PowerPoint profiles
  • Settings in Mira are now always per-user
  • Updated XBMC profile
  • Work-around for Hulu Desktop double/wrong actions
  • Prevent Front Row from launching twice under some circumstances
  • Installer tweaks for permissions issues in Mac OS X 10.7.x Lion
  • Installer scripts for file association and automated profile maintenance

Version 1.4.5 - Betas August-December 2011

  • All changes rolled into 1.4.6

Version 1.4.0 - released October 10 2010

  • 64bit/32bit native preference pane (64bit Intel, 32bit Universal)
  • Support for newer silver aluminum Apple remote for built-in Apple receivers
  • Manta TR1: filter pre-amble for Select & Play/Pause buttons on newer silver aluminum Apple Remote
  • Adding and removing items from the Mira Launch Menu list UI behavior correction
  • Importing or Exporting profiles may have previously caused Mira to quit

Version 1.3.5 - released April 6 2010

  • Support for newer silver aluminum Apple remote for Manta TR1
  • Revised profiles and DuoPress versions
  • Pre-installation clean-up of prefpane cache file
  • Manta TR1: Better signal de-bounce/filtering for remotes with low battery (causing spurious commands)
  • Manta TR1: Better signal de-bounce/filtering for quick repeated button presses (could cause a button to 'stick')

Version 1.3.4 - released February 16 2010

  • Norwegian flag icon UI localization (thank you Øystein)
  • Swedish flag icon UI localization (thank you Henrik)
  • Built-in support for additional applications
  • Global DuoPress commands to control iTunes (in the background)
    optional, you must edit your button settings
  • Global DuoPress commands with fast page scrolling
  • Preview DuoPress commands with fast page scrolling
  • DuoPress commands for Snow Leopard "QuickTime 7"
    requires the optional QT7 Profile download
  • Plex DuoPress updates
  • Global DuoPress commands PageUp/PageDown stopped working
  • Preview DuoPress Next/Previous commands stopped working
  • QuickTime Player version naming
  • Misc. Installer file permissions

Version 1.3.3 - released December 1 2008

  • Spanish flag icon UI localization (thank you Angel)
  • Built-in support for additional applications
  • Revised profiles and DuoPress versions
  • Minor internal clean-up and file size reductions
  • Pre-installation clean-up script to deal with previous install

Version 1.3.2 - released October 6 2008

  • Built-in support for Plex Media Center
  • Brazilian Portuguese flag icon UI localization (thank you Bruno)
  • Revised profile and DuoPress versions
  • Front Row icon
  • Removed extraneous console message

Version 1.3.1 - released September 17 2008

  • Stable Mac OS 10.5.x Leopard release
  • Separate PowerPoint 2008 profile
  • Revised version strings and installer
  • Restored original PowerPoint profile for Office 2004 use

Version 1.3.0 - August 2008 (Closed Beta Test Version)

  • Built-in support for Capture One
  • DuoPress commands for iTunes and DVD Player
  • Updated Profile and DuoPresses for Neo Office
  • Updated Profile for iView MediaPro
  • Updated Front Row DuoPresses
  • Updated profile for PowerPoint supports 2004 and 2008 versions
  • Double actions or unexpected Front Row launch due to Apple Secure Event Input bug
  • Application profiles after "Keynote" not copied on new installs
  • Restore Built-in Profiles hang/crash for some applications
  • Uninstall could hang/crash Mira on some systems
  • Possible crash during installation
  • System Preferences could crash when closing after using Mira
  • iTunes Fast-Forward wouldn't start playing automatically when button released
  • PowerPoint 2008 would not work with existing Profile

Version 1.2.9 - released August 12 2007

  • Dutch flag icon UI localization (thank you Alexander)
  • Portuguese flag icon UI localization (thank you Gabriel)
  • Danish flag icon UI localization (thank you Niels)
  • Italian flag icon UI localization (thank you Gabriele)
  • Built-in support for additional applications
  • EyeTV: Multi-Use DuoPress actions (supports all EyeTV modes)
  • Front Row: DuoPress actions (back/exit & ratings)
  • iTunes: DuoPress actions (volume & ratings)
  • MediaCentral: DuoPress actions
  • EyeTV profile fully supports all UI modes
  • iTunes profile updated to use new commands
  • DVD Player profile updated to use new commands
  • Installer supports all 8 current localizations (Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese flags)
  • Localization strings for Profiles and DuoPress may not have been picked up
  • Certain special characters could cause profile actions not to fire

Version 1.2.8 - released January 22 2007

  • Japanese UI localization (thank you Yuji)
  • Built-in support for additional applications
  • Expanded French support to include all non-main windows
  • Expanded German support to include all non-main windows
  • Installer supports German, Dutch & Japanese languages
  • Profiles fully support localized action descriptions
  • Many internal small tweaks

Version 1.2.7 - released January 2 2007

  • Support for Keyspan USB IR Receivers
    • DMR models
    • Express models
  • Built-in support for additional applications
  • French UI localization (thank you Michel)
  • German UI should now be complete (thank you Enrico)
  • DVD DuoPress "Menu" commands now support toggling

Version 1.2.6 - released December 8 2006

  • German UI localization uncompleted (a few tweaks needed after all)
  • More complete preview of German Help system
  • Additional changes for more robust localization support
    • Keystroke descriptions use localized text
    • DuoPress names use localized text
  • Small tweaks to external receiver support/driver

Version 1.2.5 - released November 8 2006

  • Built-in support for additional applications & games
  • German UI localization 98% completed
  • Preview of German Help system
  • Internal changes for localization support
  • External USB receivers not recognized after reboot on some systems

Version 1.2.4 - released October 6 2006

  • Built-in support for additional applications & games
  • DuoPress actions for Global, QuickTime, Preview & iPhoto
  • German localization preview (95% of UI completed in German)
  • UI adjustments (eg. Import and Export default “OK” button)
  • Additions to built-in Help files
  • iPhoto profile matches help file
  • All QuickTime Fwd/Rew commands return to "Play" when button released

Version 1.2.3 - released October 2 2006

  • Built-in support for the following games
  • Built-in support for the following applications:
  • iTunes DuoPress action to embed artwork in selected tracks
  • Additions to built-in Help files
  • Accidental action from stray IR signals using MCE receivers
  • Pairing with MCE receiver could cause receiver to stop receiving

Version 1.2.2 - released September 25 2006

Version 1.2.1 - released September 21 2006

  • Adding a profile showed incorrect button settings when “Hide Applications” option enabled

Version 1.2 - released September 20 2006

  • Use the Apple Remote on any Mac
  • Supports external USB IR Receivers
  • Comes with default profiles/settings for over 40 applications
    (added: Mail, Airfoil, MPlayer, Awaken, Reason, NewsMac Pro and many more)
  • Additional DuoPress commands for EyeTV, QuickTime Player and more
  • Import and Export profiles to share with others on the internet
  • Double-click profiles (.mpl) or exported Profile Packages (.mppk) in the finder to automatically activate the import UI
  • Enable/Disable repeating for any Keystroke Action
  • Smooth repeating or "Key Tapping" option for Keystroke Action
  • Hide/Show missing applications (ones not installed)
  • Click the on-screen Apple Remote directly to set actions
  • Turn On/Off action testing while the Mira UI is active
  • Quit applications from the Application Switcher with the Down/Minus (-) button
  • Quick-select profiles from "Profiled Applications" sub-menu for Open Item actions and Keystroke targets
  • Faster launching of Front Row from Open Item action and Launch Menu
  • Faster/streamlined Open Item action for any file (programs, documents and AppleScripts)
  • Multi Action renamed to DuoPress Action
  • Updated built-in Help system for all new functionality
  • Registration reminder changed to 20 days, no longer pops up after wake from sleep, comes up faster and can be closed by pressing spacebar
  • Launching Front Row and Exposé on iMac G5 with iSight could send "cmd-a" (Thanks Paul!)
  • Default Open Front Row (Play) sometimes required two presses
    (only the first time)
  • Pressing a button while displaying Registration Reminder later caused Volume Action to jump too many steps
  • Brightness control could jump two steps with single press on some systems
  • The first button press when starting the Mac (or switching remotes) may have been incorrect
  • Exposé would not stay open when using long-press (now stays open while performing long-press and closes when button released)
  • The low battery notification could cause the Launch Menu to stick open
  • Bezel Feedback (sleep, low battery, pair) could appear over top of each other and remain on screen
  • Clicking “Command” with no keystroke in Keystrokes action no longer sets “Select All”
  • “Installation not complete” error for a couple of users
    (Apple string conversion API could cause install of miraRCD into LoginItems to fail)

Version 1.1.6 - released July 28 2006

  • A Low Battery indicator is displayed when Mira senses the Apple Remote signal becoming weaker
    (notification is displayed only once each wake or login — see the screen shot)
  • Mira no longer issues an incorrect button action if the battery power in the remote is low

Version 1.1.5 - released July 27 2006

  • 10 active profiles and 6 Launch Menu items in unregistered/trial mode (registration allows unlimited of each)
  • Notification window when uninstall complete
  • Welcome window when a new version of Mira is started for the first time
  • Apple default applications are automatically activated after installation (Front Row, iTunes, DVD Player, QuickTime Player, KeyNote, and iPhoto)
  • Completely re-written uninstall mechanism
  • Closing the mira-activated Application Switcher with the keyboard or mouse could leave the Command (⌘) key depressed (down), causing unexpected behavior
  • Uninstall would not work on some systems/setups
    (please contact support if you are still having any issues)

Version 1.1 - released July 19 2006

  • Comes with default profiles/settings for over 20 applications
  • Re-written multi-action system
  • Corrections to help system (typos and a couple of missing pages)

Version 1.0 - released June 30 2006

  • First release


Macworld 4 Mice Rating

Includes Default Settings for:

  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Plex
  • Kodi / XBMC
  • Boxee
  • Hulu
  • VLC Media Player
  • MPlayer
  • MPV
  • Sling Player
  • DVD Player
  • Mac Blu-Ray Player
  • AlchemyTV
  • EvolutionTV
  • QuickTime Player
  • iTunes
  • Vox
  • Fidelia
  • Spotify
  • Rdio
  • Sonos Desktop
  • AirFoil
  • netTunes
  • Reason
  • iPhoto
  • Xee Image Viewer
  • Preview
  • GraphicConverter
  • Photo Booth
  • Capture One
  • Keynote
  • PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • NeoOffice
  • Word
  • iBooks
  • Acrobat
  • Mail
  • Unison
  • NewsMac Pro
  • NetNewsWire
  • FlexTime
  • Delicious Library
  • Google Earth
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • OmniWeb
  • and many more...


  • MacOS 10.7 to 10.14
  • Available USB port
  • Apple Remote
  • IR Receiver*

*Supported Receivers

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