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What's in a name?

twisted  adj, slang: Persons, situations or things that are somewhat eccentric.
"Exactly what are you dreaming up in that twisted mind of yours?"
melon  n, slang: a head. "When he fell out of the tree, he landed on his melon."


Balancing passions for both the technical and artistic, Twisted Melon was born of a desire to create great products for real people. Usability, functionality and design play different roles, sometimes at odds with each other. Twisted Melon believes each is crucial and prides itself on combining them in harmony, creating software customers will enjoy and find indispensable.

Founded in 2006, Twisted Melon Inc. is a privately held company based just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



MacOS Catalina Unsupported

MacOS 10.15 has removed core frameworks that Mira relies on for functionality. Mira will not function in MacOS 10.5 Catalina. If you need Mira in your workflow, please don't update to the new OS at this time.
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MacOS Mojave Settings

To make sure Mira continues to properly control your apps in MacOS 10.14, you might need to manually grant it permission inside the Accessibility section of System & Privacy Preferences.
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Now Shipping

New Mira version, new mini IR receiver, USB-C adapter.
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