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August 24 2012

Bruno Fernandes: The Liveable Mini Theater

This is where I test automation ideas and real-world application of our products. The design started in SketchUp to plan the space in 3D and keep accurate dimensions for all the parts required to fabricate the furniture. This makes it easy to scale the layout for different rooms/dimensions if necessary. Most of the electronics are hidden within the cabinet and panel; with media file storage/server, battery power backup and audio power amplification housed in a room below.

If there's interest, I'll provide a detailed parts/products list, including sources, and upload the 3D project file.


  • Master Controller: Scripted events/actions, manual/automatic triggers
    • Timers, daylight sensor, voltage sensors/triggers
    • Output via routed IR, RS-232 and relays
  • Remote Control: Hand-held, custom programmed/scripted "universal"

Media Playback:

  • TV: 55" LCD with local-dimming LED backlighting
  • Audio: 7 discrete channels + 2 LFE (~3000 total Watts RMS)
  • Sources: all digital connections
    • SageTV HD200 DVR Extender
    • Boxee Box with Manta TR1 IR receiver
    • Apple TV
    • Mac mini with Manta TR1 IR receiver
    • Squeezebox 3 Music Player
    • Network file server to supply media files
    • SageTV DVR w/multiple tuners for "over the air" HD recording


  • Lighting: Automated low & high voltage dimmable LED lighting
  • Acoustic treatment: Multiple artwork-covered absorbent panels (2-4" thick)
  • TV art: Canvas print & acrylic texture - inspired by "Archer" TV series
    • Canvas mounted on expanded PVC board
    • Roller motor "lift system" with counter-weight
Home Theater with Motorized Artwork

The photo above matches closely with the original 3D models created in SketchUp.


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